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Electric Skateboard 900With700With350W 8-Layers Maple Deck Longboard Xmas Gift for U

Electric Skateboard 900With700With350W 8-Layers Maple Deck Longboard Xmas Gift for U
Electric Skateboard 900With700With350W 8-Layers Maple Deck Longboard Xmas Gift for U
Electric Skateboard 900With700With350W 8-Layers Maple Deck Longboard Xmas Gift for U
Electric Skateboard 900With700With350W 8-Layers Maple Deck Longboard Xmas Gift for U
Electric Skateboard 900With700With350W 8-Layers Maple Deck Longboard Xmas Gift for U
Electric Skateboard 900With700With350W 8-Layers Maple Deck Longboard Xmas Gift for U
Electric Skateboard 900With700With350W 8-Layers Maple Deck Longboard Xmas Gift for U
Electric Skateboard 900With700With350W 8-Layers Maple Deck Longboard Xmas Gift for U

Electric Skateboard 900With700With350W 8-Layers Maple Deck Longboard Xmas Gift for U    Electric Skateboard 900With700With350W 8-Layers Maple Deck Longboard Xmas Gift for U

Type 1 # 700W Black/Multicolor. Easier to ride than a standard skateboard.

Both your feet stay firmly planted on the deck as you squeeze the trigger-style grip to gradually accelerate. The hand-held remote controller allows for true continuous acceleration and gradual, controlled braking. Soft and smooth riding PU 83 x 51mm wheels. 8-ply rock hard maple deck with hadle design, easy to transport. Material: Maple Deck, PU Wheel.

Dimension: 90 x 23 x 12.5cm/35.4 x 9.0 x 4.9inch. Wheel Diameter: 8.3cm/3.3inch.

Power: 350W x 2, Max Speed: 10-20km/h, Range: 15km. Battery: 29.4V 4000mah Lithium Battery, Plug Type: US Plug. Input Voltage: AC110-240V, Charge Time: 3 Hours. Control Model: 2.4G RF, Remote Distance: 14m.

Weight: 5.7kg, Suggested Age: Age 8+. 1 x USB Charging Cable. 350W x 2 Dual Motor. The 350W2 dual brushless motor is powerful, which can accelerate the Youth Electric Skateboard to 20 KM/H, and boosted longboard is very quiet when riding.

It is a non-resistance motor. It can be riding like a normal skateboard when it is out of power. This E-Skateboard comes with a 2.4Ghz wireless remote control, which has LED remaining battery indicator. It has three speed modes, Low: 10km/h, Medium: 15km/h, Max. The effective distance is 14m, and it takes about two hours to charge.

The eight-layer maple plank is thickened, with visible safety qualities. The deck of this longboard is toughened by high-quality maple wood with interlaced texture, uniform structure, which is not easy to break.

It can withstand a weight of up to 220lbs. The motorized skateboard is equipped with a 29.4v lithium-ion battery pack which can be fully charged within 3 hours, ready to travel up to 15 KM with a max speed of 20 KM/H. The power skateboard's battery capacity is 4000 mAh.

The electric skateboard weighs only 12.54 lbs (5.7 kg), which is very lightweight and greatly reduces your burden. You can carry it around easily.

Type 2 # 350W Black Blue/Red. Fun Way to Explore the World.

Grab the Caroma e-skateboard and start your journey. The board is lightweight (9.37 lbs) but powerful enough to achieve smooth turning and climbing needs. With a max speed of up to 12 MPH and a range of up to 8 miles. The board is ideal for short distances, cruising and fast errands.

Motor: 350W brushless hub motor. Battery: 29.4V 2Ah (lithium-iron).

Modes: 3 modes for each riding and braking. Speed: 12.4MPH for top speed. Adjustable Speed: 6.2MPH (Low), 9.3 MPH (Medium), 12.4 MPH (High). Deck Material: 8 Layers Maple. Wheels: ø72 x 51 mm PU Wheels.

Dimensions: 32.3x9.3x5.5inch. Net Weight: 9.37 lb. Our hub motor gives the board an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the overall design.

Caroma e-skateboard delivers a smooth, safe riding experience. It can be kicked like a regular board with or without battery. Equipped with a removable 29.4V and 2Ah Lithium-Ion battery which can be fully charged within 2 hours.

Go up to 8 miles with the extended range battery and up to 8 mph for top speed. Ergonomic and rechargeable wireless remote that controls acceleration and brake with reverse capability. It has three speed modes, Low: 6.2MPH, Medium: 9.3MPH, High: 12.4MPH. The deck consists of 8-ply maple wood giving it more flexibility and sturdiness, which also ensures a super stable condition at higher speeds.

Weighs only 9.37 lbs, with strong durability. We add in slide start function on it. Step on the skateboard and slide, the skateboard will automatically turn on. It will automatically shut down after a few minutes when not in use, more power saving.

72x51 mm replaceable PU wheels designed with good elasticity and a certain hardness. Add shock absorption to ensure stability while skateboarding and are strong enough to provide grip for the driver. Ideal Gift for Adults, Kids & Teenagers. The 32 Inch electric longboard has moderate size and good stability. Suitable for players with poor balance.

8-layer maple deck giving it more flexibility and sturdiness, and the shock absorption effect is increased by 30%. Our electric skateboard could handle gentle slope hills well and climb hills as steep as up to 17%. Supports dual power display; Acceleration & Braking & Dual Battery Indicator & Pairing. It can be easily held with double handle design, the most loyal partner when you go out! Type 3 # 350W Black.

Built-in dual-mode driver smart chip developed by VIVI, experience the real speed and passion. Integrated wheel hub motor structure. Even if the battery is exhausted, it can still be used as an ordinary skateboard for sliding. The equipped wireless remote control has three speed modes, among which the low speed is 6.2 Mph, the middle speed is 9.3 Mph, and the high speed is 12.4 Mph. The above are the test results of the load bearing 155Lbs, friendly to novices.

VIVI H2S skateboard weighs 8.8Lbs, so it can be easily carried anywhere. All success comes from our attempts to use new processes in each part. Adopts one-piece body structure, waterproof. Please be careful not to soak in water, try to keep it dry to extend the life. High-strength, high-speed, no noise, smoother sliding.

High-strength aluminum alloy bridge, easy to turn, more stable riding. Suitable for all kinds of roads, long use time. inch.

Type 4 # 350W Black. Exquisite Gift Package - Vivi H2E electric skateboard uses high-density non-slip emery sandpaper, with a unique starry sky pattern and exquisite packaging design. If you are still worried about what to choose as a holiday present or birthday gift, it would be the best choice. No one would say no to such a fun and creative gift.

Colorful Lighting Effects - If you ask me what is the biggest difference between Vivi H2E E-skateboard and others, then I will definitely tell you that is its built-in colorful lighting effects. The 7-color LED gradient lighting effect is very cool and dazzling, bring you 100% head-turning rate and become the focus, especially when sliding at night. At the same time, it allows others to notice you from a long distance, which will increase your safety factor and avoid being hit by others. Small Appearance - This mini electric skateboard is only 27.3 inches deck length and weighs 9.2LB. Its shell adopts of one-piece PP material, the built-in battery will not be exposed so the board is smooth and beautiful.

The thickness is less than 1.1 inch, which is very light and portable. Also it is more tough than wood board and less prone to breakage. The unique fish board shape tail is suitable for playing tricks.

Little body hides infinite possibilities. Excellent Performance - 350W brushless motor provides a max speed of 18.6MPH, which is 7 times faster than walking, 33% faster than other 350W E-skateboard.

36v 2000mAh lithium battery support a strong and stable power, make the range up to 6.2 Miles. The measured mileage is 15% better than the skateboard with the same configuration. With the 2.4G wireless remote control, easy to switch directions and control the speed, 3-speed modes enables beginners to get started quickly and safely.

350W Hub brushless motor can reach 18.6MPH in the high speed mode, low noise and less problem. The 72mm PU wheel makes of high-elastic PU material, achieves shock absorption effect and provide excellent grip performance.

Built-in cool 7-color LED gradient lighting effect, you will be the focus of the crowd, especially when sliding at night. 36v 2000mAh lithium battery provides a strong and stable power, fast charge in 1.5 hours supports a range of 6.2 miles in middle speed, allowing you to play for long time, ride farther, and have more fun.

Ergonomic 2.4G wireless remote control make it easier to control the skateboard, switch when you want. There are 3 modes of speed for your choice and once pair, the skateboard will connect with the remote automatically next time. Smart Power-on and Power-off Design.

Slide forward 30cm, then the skateboard will automatically turn on, and automatically power-off after 30 second of stopping. Also, It can use as a normal skateboard if the power off. Its shell adopts one-piece material, the built-in battery will not be exposed, the board is tightly and light, comply with IP54 waterproof. The thickness is less than 1.1 inches, which is very light and portable.

Type 5 # 700W Blue. Vivi H2B Electric Skateboard Youth Electric Longboard with Wireless Remote Control, 12.4 MPH Top Speed, 350W Double Drive Motor, 8 Layers Maple Longboard. 12.4MPH [Speed may reduce as the load increases]. inch. Type 6 # 900W Black / Multicolor.

900W POWERFUL DUAL HUB MOTOR: Caroma 38 Electric Skateboard features 450W2 powerful high-Speed motors, boosts the e skateboard to a max speed of 25 Mph(3-speed mode: Low: 15KM/H, Medium: 25KM/H, High: 40KM/H), climb a 20 degree slope, and easily rides over any obstacles. 36V 5000mAH LONG-RANGE BATTERY: 222Wh/5000mAH updated capacity battery can achieve Max 16 Miles travel range under specific conditions.

With its long range battery, this electric longboard is perfect for short commuting, cruising campus, and quick errands. 330 LBS MAX LOAD DURABLE DECK: This longboard skateboard is made with 6 layers maple+2 layers bamboo, which make it sturdier to support a weight up to 330 lbs. The wheels (90x52mm) and the deck (38.2 x 9.3 x 5.1inch) are wider for a smooth and stable skateboarding. MULTIFUNCTIONAL REMOTE CONTROL: This intelligent skateboard electric comes with a 2.4G wireless remote control, which provides travel and brake control, and supports forward and reverse, high, medium and low speed adjustment at the same time. In addition, the wireless remote control has the functions of signal strength display, E-skateboard power remaining display and low power display. The 450W2 (900W) dual-motor of the electric skateboard reaches 25 Mph in the fast mode, bringing on quick acceleration. The longboard has 3 speed modes for beginners or advanced skaters.

With the 36V 5000mAh Lithium-Ion battery, you can reach a range of up to 14-16 miles per charge, it can be fully charged within 3 hours. Two-motor wheel drive design, there is plenty of power to climb hills, and climb hills steadly as steep as max 20 degree. This long boards is made of 6 layers maple and 2 layers bamboo, which makes the skateboard can run smoothly on uneven streets. 38.2inch (97cm) deck length and the maximum weight supported is 330lbs(150kg). The skate boards comes with a 2.4Ghz wireless remote that controls speed, accelerate, and brake.

Control skateboard become simple and easier by ergonomic remote. The skateboard features durable and shock-absorbing dia.

9cm PU wheels, which can give you a better riding experience. Even in high-speed, it could keep sufficient stability and balance.

6 Layers maple+2 Layers bamboo. 97 x 23.5 x 13cm/38.2 x 9.3 x 5.1inch. High 40KMH, Middle 25KMH, Low 15KMH. Type 7 # 350W Black / Gray / Red. Speeds up to 20 km/h (12 MPH).

7 layers maple design, much more comfortable and stable. Weighing only 8.16 pounds, simply turn off and carry it with you wherever you'd like, easy to transport. Three speed modes, it allows you start in low speed, which make you feel safe and stable.

The 350W singal-motor creates a silent, smooth ride no matter how fast you're going. The E skateboard boasts a 7-Layer Canadian Maple Wood deck that carries a riders weight up to 176 pounds for an Insane and Smooth comfortable ride. High-density Emery Non-slip and Waterproof Surface Makes you safer. If you are 10 to 16 years old or even an adult, you won't find a better performing skateboard. With a range of 6-12KM you will have plenty of time for fun.

Low Speed- 10 km/h, Med Speed- 15 km/h, High Speed- 25km/h. Weighing 8.16 pounds, only half the weight of traditional electric longboard. You can carry this youth electric skateboard with you wherever you'd like with ease. High-rebound 72 mm PU wheels designed with good elasticity and a certain hardness, fast and durable. Driving lights accompany you on your way home.

Double led lights disperse the night. Switch freely, accelerate, brake, forward and backward, 3 speed modes, designing for happy time and cool cruising. Top Speed: 12.4 MPH.

Net Weight: 8 lbs lightweight. Battery: Lithium-ion battery 29.4 V 2.0 Ah. Climbing: Conquer a hill with a 15% incline with ease. 3 Speed modes Low: 10 km/h, Medium: 15 km/h, Max. 20 km/h, different driving experience, is a good choice for you. Work, school, travel, take it, it can complete the mission smoothly, and you can even take it to the subway and bus. We ONLY accept the return for original package. Please make sure that item has NO man-made sabotage. Used items will not be accepted for return. You bought wrong model or wrong color. We promise to help you solve it asap, and make you feel satisfactory absolutely. This item is in the category "Sporting Goods\Outdoor Sports\Skateboarding & Longboarding\Skateboards-Complete".

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  • Choice: Type3 Black (350W)
  • Brand: Famous
  • Type: Electric Skateboard
  • Character: all
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Color: As shown
  • Theme: Art
  • Personality: /
  • Suitable For: Adults
  • Power: 350W~900W

Electric Skateboard 900With700With350W 8-Layers Maple Deck Longboard Xmas Gift for U    Electric Skateboard 900With700With350W 8-Layers Maple Deck Longboard Xmas Gift for U